10 Home and Away spoilers for next week

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Coming up on Home and Away, desperate Felicity tricks Cash into giving her money to pay her blackmailer.

Elsewhere, Xander makes a confession to Mali and Rose, and Irene is devastated when John reveals he's moving out.

Here's a full collection of 10 big moments.

1. Bree means business

bree cameron in home and away
Channel 5

Bree is still reeling over Mercedes' kiss with Remi and is wondering why she made a move on him if the feelings aren't requited.

Meanwhile, Mercedes couldn't care less about Bree being stressed. With her eyes firmly on the prize, the violinist is convinced it's only a matter of time before Remi realises he has nothing in common with his girlfriend.

Bree tries to remain stoic in her belief that Remi will remain loyal. But when Mercedes continues with the mind games, she decides it's time to have it out with her love rival.

2. Mercedes admits defeat

mercedes da silva in home and away
Channel 5

Remi is alarmed when Eden reveals Bree is on her way to see Mercedes and he races to be by her side. The couple's united front proves Mercedes wrong and she decides it's time she moved on.

Bree tries to convince her to stick around and finish the final recording session for Lyrik's album, but it's no use. Remi is grateful for her efforts and insists they'll manage without Mercedes.

However, to everyone's surprise, Mercedes suddenly shows up, declaring the album needs her magic touch. With the recordings complete, and the drama with Mercedes finally finished, a triumphant Remi returns home to Bree.

3. Xander makes a shock confession

xander delaney in home and away
Channel 5

In the aftermath of discovering Mali's home trashed, Rose calls in the police to investigate. She points out the graffiti 'stay away from my wife' is blatant targeted vandalism, but Mali is adamant he knows nothing about it.

Later, a uniformed Rose is forced to do her duty and officially question Mali about the threat, but he doesn't take kindly to her insinuating that he has been with another woman.

The mystery is finally solved when Xander makes a confession. As means of an apology, Xander organises a romantic dinner for Rose and Mali. Love is clearly in the air, but which one of them will say it first?

4. Felicity's blackmailer ups the ante

felicity newman and tane parata in home and away
Channel 5

The nightmare is far from over for Felicity when her blackmailer raises the stakes and demands $10,000. Felicity starts forming a plan of where to find the cash, but Tane insists they can't give into the threat.

Cash summons the couple to the station where he shows Felicity a photo of her potential attacker. Seeing the snap makes Felicity realises she has no recollection of that fateful night.

Returning home, Felicity then learns via Cash the suspect wasn't the right guy and panics she'll never feel safe again.

5. Felicity and Tane grow desperate

felicity newman and tane parata in home and away
Channel 5

Overwhelmed with fear, Felicity continues scrambling together the money to pay her blackmailer.

With the clock ticking, she and Tane see if they can get creative with the accounts at the gym and Salt, but soon realise it won't be enough to pay off her tormentor.

Standing in front of the open till and looking at the wads of cash inside, Felicity's mind starts racing. Will she help herself to the takings?

6. Felicity tricks Cash

felicity newman, tane parata and cash newman in home and away
Channel 5

As the pressure mounts, Tane persuades Felicity to call the blackmailer's bluff. She agrees, but then goes behind her husband's back and applies to take out a loan.

When Eden shares a mix of Lyrik's new album, Felicity is struck by an idea. Pretending she's hosting the band's album launch in Salt, Felicity approaches Cash and asks him for money.

He challenges her lie, so Felicity comes up with another cover story. Cash agrees to help his sister out, but tells Eden he's concerned Felicity isn't being straight with him.

7. John breaks Irene's heart

irene roberts and john palmer in home and away
Channel 5

John and Marilyn are in high spirits as they return from Jett's wedding. Irene is delighted to have John back at hers and reveals she has planned them a string of dinners.

Alf has a quiet word with John and warns Irene may be getting a little too used to him being around. John agrees he needs to tell his friend he's moving out, but it proves easier said than done – particularly when she serves him a delicious homemade roast.

Finally, John plucks up the courage to be honest with Irene. She appreciates his direct approach, but it's obvious she's gutted about him going.

8. Kirby snaps at Justin and Leah

kirby aramoana in home and away
Channel 5

Justin is keen for Kirby to take control of Lyrik's publicity, believing she gave the brunt of it to Theo as punishment for their break-up.

Kirby vehemently disagrees, pointing out it's Theo's job as Lyrik front man and is furious with Justin for questioning her motives.

When Justin continues to push, Leah tries to appease Kirby with a delivery of muffins. She points out there's more to life than bands and boys, however Kirby doesn't take kindly to Leah's interference.

9. Kirby faces her fears

embargo 19092022 theo poulos serenades kirby aramoana in home and away
Channel 5

When Theo gets wind that Justin and Leah have been speaking to Kirby, he fears they've made a bad situation even worse. Sure enough, he's right, and Kirby ends up quitting her job at the Diner.

Mackenzie finds a wound-up Kirby on the beach, where she opens up about her troubled history with surfing. Mac encourages her to face her fears and cheers Kirby on as she takes a board out paddling in the waves.

Kirby emerges from the surf with a new sense of courage, but when Theo catches the end of her ride, he's hurt that she'd keep such a big secret from him.

10. Irene's feeling isolated

irene roberts and john palmer in home and away
Channel 5

Irene's mind is elsewhere at work and Marilyn realises she's thinking about John moving out.

During a walk on the beach, Irene confides in Maz, admitting that for someone who thrives on the company of others, she spends too much time on her own.

Irene recognises she's lucky to have a network of friends who love and care for her, but confesses she never imagined being without a significant other.

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