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NATE BURLESON: Now, listen.

We don't get the rematch that we wanted right out the gate, like we did last year after the Super Bowl.

But we do get that game week 7.

It is going to be exciting.

And KB, you said something yesterday when we were talking about what we wanted to see.


NATE BURLESON: You said, you know what?

I don't want it week 1.


NATE BURLESON: I want-- I want these teams to catch a rhythm.

I want us to know exactly what we're going to see.

So now that I've kind of settled down and I got out of my feelings that we don't get the Super Bowl rematch-- PETER SCHRAGER: Hurt my feelings.

NATE BURLESON: You know what?

The New England Patriots, week 7, we'll know exactly who they are.

We'll know exactly who Atlanta is at that point.

So I'm going to-- because that's that mid-- midway point.

KAY ADAMS: There's so much build-up to that game.

Like I said this yesterday.

Let's get it done in week 1 and get it over with.

KYLE BRANDT: Kay calls it a build up.

I call it a warm up.

I want them at their best when they play.

You know, I want them to get sweat.

NATE BURLESON: And-- and I'm excited about.

But this is what we have week 1.

And when you're talking about the Patriots, right out the gate with the Chiefs.

And some say it's-- it's an OK game.

No, I say it's a phenomenal game because the Chiefs are constantly in the conversation for the AFC team that could beat the New England Patriots.

Now, I don't know who's going to jump out and say, I'll pick the Chiefs.

But if they have a good draft, they have a good offseason, Alex Smith come in and has a comparable season?

They could have a chance to do something.

Maybe-- I don't want to say upset because that word will shock a lot of people.

KYLE BRANDT: Say it, Nate.

NATE BURLESON: It's a game that we're all going to be excited about.

Thursday night, kick off the year.

Chiefs at Patriots.

It's going to be the one I'm looking forward to.

KAY ADAMS: Well, if you don't like the Chiefs, sorry for you, because they have six primetime games.

I'm talking Cowboys, Packers, Steelers, Patriots.

You'd expect them to maximize their primetime action.

They've got five apiece.

Chiefs with six, Peter.

PETER SCHRAGER: What's up with that?

And you know, last night I was watching the NFL Network show.

And Rich Eisen had on Jim Nantz, and Jim Nantz made a good point.

He says, one thing you can do when you get these schedules is kind of discern how the NFL sees the season going because-- based on the primetime game.

So when the NFL gives the Kansas City Chiefs more primetime games than the Packers, than the Cowboys, than the Steelers, it tells me that the NFL or the league office-- NATE BURLESON: No, no.

PETER SCHRAGER: It's-- absolutely! They're showcasing this team.

NATE BURLESON: Schrager, that's not the case.

No, I-- I-- PETER SCHRAGER: Tells me that that's the premiere team.

NATE BURLESON: I-- I get the logic behind it, because you're looking at the NFL and saying, OK.

You're selecting this team.

This is the most primetime games.

What are you saying about the league?

You're saying we want to see the Chiefs more.

That's not the case.

Because when I was playing, we would see the schedule.

And I didn't look who had the most primetime games.

And there were times where we clearly were the better team and some other squad was on TV much more.

We didn't take it as a shot to us.

PETER SCHRAGER: It's not a big market.

NATE BURLESON: We'd take it as a over-compliment to them.

PETER SCHRAGER: It's not a big market.

It's Kansas City.

As far as to Dallas, Pittsburgh, and the rest.

And when you see Jacksonville has zero and Cleveland has zero-- NATE BURLESON: That doesn't-- that doesn't surprise you.

KAY ADAMS: Now, now.

They have two London games, Peter.

PETER SCHRAGER: To me, it's like, all right.

I'm expecting the defending NFC champion Falcons to have five.

I think the Cowboys are America's team.

We had ratings monsters with them with five.

Broncos, always going to be a solid fan base.


Patriots, five.

The Chiefs have more than all-- the Chiefs?


You know, Peter, I-- listen.

Last year in the middle of the season, I was the one saying I think they're the most exciting team in football.

And it sounds ridiculous.

But just give me a second.

Alex Smith is not terribly exciting.

But that defense.

Travis Kelce's electric.

Eric Berry's electric.

Tyreek Hill's electric.

All those games last year, they're winning on a 2 point conversions returned in Atlanta.

Kansas City is a very, very exciting team.

Don't just look at the quarterback.

Alex Smith is what he is.

Trust me.

From top to bottom, there's not a more exciting team.

PETER SCHRAGER: Six Chief primetime games.

KYLE BRANDT: It's a lot.

KAY ADAMS: It's saying the division-- NATE BURLESON: This isn't the first time that you've been shocked by one team having multiple primetime games.

This happens every year, where you're kind of like, hm.

You scratch your head and say, how come they got so many primetime games?

This year, it's the Chiefs.