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Breaking down the Raiders schedule



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KAY ADAMS: The other in-- the Oakland Raiders.


KAY ADAMS: Of course.

And they have it tough in the second half.

So they have a bye week in week 10, which I don't think is a great bye week.

Do you think that's a good bye week?

Is it OK?


Some guys look at-- KAY ADAMS: Better than four.

NATE BURLESON: --it as a way to kind of let yourself get the bumps and bruises, and then towards the end of the year, you can gear up for that playoff push.


Well, they're going to need to rest up in week 10, because then they kick off week 11, in what would you think-- you know, we knew they would be taking on the Patriots.

Oh, maybe it's a home game.

Maybe they go to Foxborough-- pretty good on the road.

No, we have to Mexico City there in week 11.

Then we have the Broncos, the Giants and they have to go to Arrowhead.

Then they have the Cowboys.

They have three road games in their final four weeks of this season in that tough division.

Also taking on the NFC East.


KAY ADAMS: There's not a lot of room for mistakes with this one, right?

So I'm not going to sit here and say, strength of schedule, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

But it's looking a little bit of tough.

But you know what?

So was "Return of the Jedi," right?

PETER SCHRAGER: There you go.

This is true.

KAY ADAMS: But I've been calling this comeback this whole time.

You think it was easy, Kyle, for Princess Leia to kill Jabba the Hutt with that chain?

KYLE BRANDT: No, because he had a lot back muscles.

KAY ADAMS: Do you think it was easy for Luke to have to kill his own father?

PETER SCHRAGER: Spoiler alert.

KYLE BRANDT: No, I don't.

I remember it.

KAY ADAMS: Return of the Jedi-- NATE BURLESON: Maybe we never watched the movies, guys.

KAY ADAMS: It is return-- I cannot believe that.

KYLE BRANDT: [INAUDIBLE] has got to go train on the [INAUDIBLE] system.

It's very, humid.

KAY ADAMS: --uncomfortably humid, Yoda-- no, yeah, it's extremely tough.

But they did it.

And the return of the Raiders will happen.