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Breaking down the Cowboys schedule



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PETER SCHRAGER: The NFL was buoyed by those Cowboys ratings last year.

When the Trump stuff happened, the election, everyone's like, the ratings are down.

Cowboys go on this incredible run, the NFL has crazy ratings, everything is fine, and you reward them with five-- I'm curious to see the Cowboys every single week.

KYLE BRANDT: Peter, you bring something up.

I think they should be on national television every single week.

Notre Dame is.

Notre Dame has all those home games on NBC.

It's a thing.

They're the NFL's Notre Dame.

We're getting them five times, all right, but there's also-- they only have two 1 PM kickoffs, so even when they're not in those late games, they're still in, like, the centerpiece games.

And those two are week four and week 17.

Week 17 could easily be moved later if it is a [?

prem ?

] game, they're trying to get into the playoffs.

PETER SCHRAGER: They call that the church schedule.

You go to church in the morning and you go to the Cowboys game at 4:30.

That's the church schedule.

KYLE BRANDT: That's perfect.

Well, listen, Cowboys fans had better pray, too, because the schedule-- I'm a little worried about the Cowboys this year.

Not only is it a tough schedule, I think we're just all caught up in this thing of saying, well, they got Dak and they got Zeke-- see you.

Next decade is made.

Listen, Rosie had a great stat where he said it's been 20 years since a Jerry Jones teams had back-to-back double-digit wins-- 20 years.

And we're talking they got the Giants right out of the gates.

We know the Giants beat them twice last year.

Then they're going to Denver, then they're going to Arizona.

So as much as we celebrate the Cowboys, if we're even looking at something like a 1-2 start, now we got something.

And lastly, you've got the first month.

How about that last month?

If they do have to make a run to make the playoffs, if America's team is on the ropes-- at the Giants, at Oakland, home, but against Seattle.

It's a brutal final stretch.

I'm a little worried about the Cowboys this year.

I don't want to spit in the face of America's team.

But I'm a little worried