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Red Flags: Kyle's Biggest Challenges in Football



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KYLE BRANDT: We're going to get into what we call Red Flags.

Now, the way this works is I've got actual flags we got from the league.

This is the real deal.

They've had a problem with a few things, things I want to challenge.

I'm going to throw the flag, and then the council over there, the high council, is going to go under the hood like they used to in the olden days and say is my challenge accepted or denied.

And they'll talk amongst themselves.

Are you guys ready?



KYLE BRANDT: You're ready?

Let's go.

Challenge number one.

All right.

I got a flag, schedule guy.

All right?

Schedule guy, you-- you know who schedule guy is.

We all love today, but to this guy, it is not the schedule that is released.

It is this Ms.

Cleo answer key.

He prints it out.

He's got his green pens for wins, red pens for losses, week by week, win by win.

And it's always a miracle season for his team.

If this thing goes a certain way and we can stay healthy, we can really get to the playoffs.

It's a ridiculous system.

The Madden simulation guy laughs at schedule guy.

Zoo animal selecting the Super Bowl winner guy thinks schedule guy's system is not a lock.

It's ridiculous.

This is the same guy who was planning the wedding during dinner on a first date.

You understand?

Deciding Steelers versus Ravens when the schedule comes out is like stressing over DJ versus band before the entrees come out?

Pump the brakes, Doctor Z.

Take it easy.

Have you not learned from last year?

Remember when you picked the Cardinals to go 12 and 4?

Chandler Jones.

They're a pass rusher away! Remember when you thought the Panthers were going to go 14 and 2?

Kelvin Benjamin is back! Super Bowl.

No, no, no.

When it comes to deciding the Super Bowl in April, schedule guy has gone 0 for life.

He is never right.

Now, just incidentally, I did go through the Bears schedule, and I have them at a really competitive 12 and 4 if we can stay healthy and things bounce the right way.

I think we can get into 12 and 4.

This is my schedule guy.

But until then, challenge to schedule guy right down the pipe.

Take that.

What do you guys think?

NATE BURLESON: I got to say, schedule guy exists.


And I think he's looking at this take out from the newspaper and doing the exact same thing.

I love Kyle's challenge, though.

It's meaningless.

You don't know.

NATE BURLESON: Yeah, you don't know.

You know what?

We agree with you.

KYLE BRANDT: You agree?


KYLE BRANDT: Challenge upset-- accepted! All right.

We're 1 for 1.

We're off to a start.

And I got a green stamp right across the screen.

Now, this one, it's got to be a little serious now.

I'm going to have to change my tone.

I got to challenge the Browns.

And this one is not because I am mad or I'm confused.

This one is out of fear.

I'm scared-- in fact, I'm terrified-- by these whispers they're going to take a quarterback with the number one pick.

I am afraid they're going to find some kind of miracle analysis and mess this up.

I am afraid that if you give them an inch, they won't take a Myles.

I want to help.



I want to show the Browns brass-- I-- I have-- I have help.

This is for real.

I directed a short film, all right?

So Hue, Pauly D, Sash, Mr.

Lerner, turn off the lights.

Have Cody Kessler wheel in that AV cart.

Open your minds.

Have your soda and your popcorn.

Are you relaxed?

Then empirically analyze this.


You know, some players make you need the cold tub.

That player makes you a cold shower.

I mean, it's incredible.

That's not a man! But no, no.

You know what?


KYLE BRANDT: Don't watch that.

Let's take Mitchell Trubisky.

Let's do that, number one.

In fact, I love that plan.

It's a great plan.

Never mind Myles Garrett.

I'll even play along.

We've gotten our hands on an early shot of Mitchell's jersey.

Look, there it is! Having They have it in the store window and everything, so everyone can see.

Are you kidding me?

Did you watch that movie?

I like the Browns.

I respect the sabermetrics.

So let's put this in your terms.

If a train leaves the line of scrimmage traveling at 80 miles per hour and a quarterback is standing on the tracks going 0 miles per hour, how fast does that train hit it?

You'll find out when you take Myles Garrett number one.

He is perfect.

And here's a simple equation.


Perfect is greater than Mr.


You got that, mathletes?

If you want to win the "division," make the right addition! Challenge! Challenge! Challenge! Don't you mess this up, Cleveland.

Don't you do it.


KYLE BRANDT: Challenge.

NATE BURLESON: Aside from the cold shower-- PETER SCHRAGER: Yeah.

NATE BURLESON: --I agree with everything he says.

So I'm going to agree.

I mean, you got to go with Myles.

KAY ADAMS: The arithmetic reference at the end?

I wasn't on board with it.

Everything else, yeah.

KYLE BRANDT: The arithmetic?

NATE BURLESON: It was-- it was-- it was cute and clever.

KYLE BRANDT: What do we think?

Peter, you're Mr.

Money Value, Fox Sports column.

KAY ADAMS: I-- I accept it.

PETER SCHRAGER: I don't know-- I don't know what Myles Garrett is, either.

So I'm going to say I wouldn't be as harsh on this.

I don't know what Myles Garrett is-- he's not a sure thing.

NATE BURLESON: OK, he's saying not a sure thing.

We both both-- KAY ADAMS: I'm accepting the challenge.

KYLE BRANDT: Accepting! NATE BURLESON: Go! KYLE BRANDT: 2 out of 3! Yes! We are 100%.

KAY ADAMS: Do the right thing.

Don't over-think it.

KYLE BRANDT: And of course, I mean, Mr.


The Patriots, though, have to be flagged.

They have to be flagged, guys, because the Patriots have to be stopped.

We've talked about this for weeks.

They have mastered the sport.

Their offseason, it's unfair.

Brandin Cooks, Birkhead, Dwayne Allen, Gilmore, Gronk's back.

Every @RapSheet tweet is another line in an AFC eulogy.

They got that perfect week 9 bye.

That halftime bye.

They found Brady's jersey.

Chris Hogan had twins.

They're multiplying on us, you guys.

It's unbelievable.

Look at them.

They're coming out of the woodwork! The Undertaker.

You thought he retired?


New England signed him.

Nate Burleson.

You thought he was in Arizona last week?

He was in Foxboro.

They signed him.

He was throwing with Brady.

That's why Brady wasn't at the White House.

He was having a throwing session with Burleson.

We even got a picture of it.

Nate, thanks for telling us.

Somebody get Mike Daniels on a plane.

Russell Westbrook, they signed him.

Brienne of Tarth, signed her.

That little girl in Logan.

Signed her.

Heath Evans, Chris Evans, they signed him.

They signed everybody.

See, I thought-- going back years-- I thought after you win the Super Bowl, you're supposed to lose your cool-- your cornerstones.

They didn't even lose a coordinator.

The Dolphins lost a coordinator.

The Bills lost a coordinator.

But the team that has owned them for 16 years hasn't lost jack.

The only thing they've lost is space to hang their banners, a real story and a real first world problem.

And it's not even over.

Maybe the Pats will move up in the draft.

Maybe they'll get Richard Sherman.

It doesn't even matter.

I'll tell you what does matter, though.

Two quarters of this NFL season.

That's it.

Two quarters.

The fourth quarter of the AFC title game, which they'll definitely be in, and the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, which they'll probably be in.

So please, Bill, break from the model.

Just-- just for the sake of competition.

Take one day off.

The league you save could be your own.

And I throw the challenge flag.

But where-- oh, wait a second.

That's right.

I put it in my sock like Belichick! Stop! Save the NFL! Save us! Save the clock tower! NATE BURLESON: So wait.

PETER SCHRAGER: He's a-- KAY ADAMS: He got the little girl from Logan?

KYLE BRANDT: She's on the Patriots! She can put a hand down.


Heath Evans.

KYLE BRANDT: Yes, exactly.

Heath Evans is going to be back on the Patriots.

Guys, what do you think?


So if we accept this, we're saying that Belichick has to-- PETER SCHRAGER: Take the gas-- foot off the gas a little bit.

NATE BURLESON: You know what?

KAY ADAMS: Take a day off.

KYLE BRANDT: Give somebody a chance! KAY ADAMS: Take it.

NATE BURLESON: No, I like it.

If you're-- PETER SCHRAGER: I like it too.

NATE BURLESON: --beating up on the competition-- PETER SCHRAGER: I like it too.

NATE BURLESON: --keep beating them up.


There's no other way.


Challenge not accepted, man.

KYLE BRANDT: So challenge denied.


Not accepted.

KYLE BRANDT: Give them the red stamp.

All right.

All right, listen.

This is an important one.

This is really important.

In fact, I think, Peter, you're going to like this one especially.


KYLE BRANDT: This one is for anybody who doesn't live life a quarter mile at a time.

Now, Fast and Furious checked in with another $100 million opening this past weekend, which means a whole follow up week of why do they keep making these things?

Who actually watches this garbage?


Everybody watches it.

I think I am the only American who has never seen one of those movies, never one.

And I don't know what pretentious hobbies you're into, if it's craft beers or kite surfing or Sudoku or whatever, but this country loves things that probably aren't good for us.

Cinnamon buns in the airport.

Bengals games in December.

We know we'll regret it, but we enjoy it anyway, all right?

And enough with-- stop writing it off and trying to claim that the only people buying tickets to these movies are the flat brimmers who chugg the tallboy energy drinks and have ride or die knuckle tattoos where it spells it across their fingers and $20,000 cars with $50,000 in sub-woofers.

No, no.

Those guys are definitely into the movies.

Don't get me wrong.

But so is a 6'5" small town kid from Bismarck, North Dakota.

Look at my man! Fast and the Furious is greater than everything.

You name it, it's greater.

Yeah! Long before Sproles and Alshon, my boy was run with Tyrese and Luda.

Fast and the Furious is fast food.

I've never had a Filet O'Fish either, but I get why other people do.

So you go ahead.

You watch Manchester by the Sea.

America is watching Vinny D drive a tank with a tank top right into the sea.

Punch it, Toretto.


Stop making fun of those movies.

They're holding up the economy.

NATE BURLESON: Punch it, Toretto.

KYLE BRANDT: I lost my chair.

PETER SCHRAGER: I love this.

I love this because this is exactly what I say.

Everyone's like, ha! Who watches Fast-- then it's on HBO and I watch it for 2 and 1/2 hours.


PETER SCHRAGER: It is the most pretentious, snobby thing to make fun of these movies when everyone in America-- that's how I feel about Big Bang Theory.

I love Big Bang Theory! People roll their eyes.

Oh, but you don't watch Love on Netflix?

No! I don't watch Love on Netflix.

No one has seen Love on Netflix! Big Bang Theory and Fast and the Furious, I'm all in.

NATE BURLESON: I'm with Fast and the Furious.

It's the first car based franchise hit a billion dollars.

Come on, man.

How can you argue with that?

KYLE BRANDT: Nate, you've seen them all.

You've seen 2 Fast 2 Furious.

NATE BURLESON: I even see the one with Bow Wow in Tokyo, man.

And that was terrible.

KYLE BRANDT: You saw Tokyo Drift?

KAY ADAMS: I've seen no movies, and I have seen a Fast and the Furious movie.

So I am the little kid from-- I'm like Carson Wentz, you know?

I'm-- I'm that guy.

I'm-- I'm in.

KYLE BRANDT: I love it.

We're living life and doing the show a quarter mile at a time.

Dom Toretto, that is for you.

Michelle Rodriguez in the tank top.

Tough girl.

We love it.

Fast and the Furious, guys.

Thank you.

Accepted, 3 out of 4.

I will take it.

NATE BURLESON: Hit the gas, Toretto! KYLE BRANDT: That's right.

Punch it, Toretto!