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Rapoport: Foster was red-flagged due to diluted sample during combine



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KAY ADAMS: Good morning to you, Ian.

Let's talk about Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster.

The urine sample from the combine was red flagged.

You spoke to him directly.

What is his side of this story, and how does it impact his draft stock?

IAN RAPOPORT: Well yeah, Kay.

I spoke to him for about an hour.

That was yesterday afternoon.

He really broke down several things about his diluted sample, red flag drug test, something that have caused teams to go back and consider all factors and do research this morning.

So here's what Reuben Foster told me.

He said that before the combine, he was sick.

He was not able to keep anything down.

He was throwing up.

He was feeling dehydrated.

So he went to a doctor, got some medication, and really drank as much water and Gatorade as he possibly could to try to-- to flush out his system and to try to make sure that he was hydrated to get himself to feel a little better.

Then he went to the combine, and one of the coaches remarked that he was looking a little light.

And this was a linebacker who only weighed in at 229 pounds.

So he wanted to make sure to get his weight up a little bit, so he drank even more water, did the drug test, weighed in, and of course came up with a diluted sample.

And now he enters into the NFL drug program, something that happens as soon as he signs a contract.

I talked to Foster about that.

He said, that's fine.

I understand the rules.

Test me.

And as far as his draft status, he knows that because of this diluted sample, which is considered to be, under NFL regulations, a positive test, he knows he's going to fall a little bit.

He said-- he might actually fall a lot.

He said whether it's Thursday, whether it's Friday, whoever takes me, I know they're getting an All Pro, and that is all I can control.

KAY ADAMS: So if he falls, and he might, which players in the draft benefit from that?

IAN RAPOPORT: There really is one big one to consider.

It's Haason Reddick, who really is one of the more coveted players now, linebackers, really one of the better stories.

A former walk on who came to the Senior Bowl, made a name for himself, tried a couple different positions-- middle linebacker, played on the edge.

And all of a sudden now, you may actually Haason Reddick not only in the top 15, but maybe even in the top 10 with Reuben Foster set to fall.

That really is the biggest name now who could be affected by this.

Couple of the other linebackers-- Jarrad Davis, Jordan Willis-- some of those guys may be affected as well, as well as other positions who were lifted up.

But really, Reddick seems to benefit most from the situation.