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Reaction to the Jaguars and Browns not getting prime time games



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PETER SCHRAGER: Nate Burleson.

You're 28 years old.

You're playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Schedule comes up, and this schedule maker just came out and said, you earn those primetime games.


PETER SCHRAGER: You have none.

You have zero.

Are you at all using that as motivation?


PETER SCHRAGER: You are, then.

So it does matter.

NATE BURLESON: Schrager, you know me, bro.

I-- I don't-- I don't hold any punches.

When I'm talking to my teammates, I use every bit of motivation, and I'm very honest.

I'm not going to tiptoe around and say hey, guys.

Well, you know, we've got to earn a spot next year.

We've got to go out there and show everybody what we're worth so next year-- no.

I say, they think we're garbage.

That's the reason nobody wants to watch us.

KYLE BRANDT: They think no one wants to see us.

NATE BURLESON: That's the reason why only the Jacksonville Jaguar fans can watch us this weekend.

What do you all want to do about it?

You all got relatives in different states that you got to call and update them on a game.

PETER SCHRAGER: You have to buy the DirecTV package for them.


I'm looking at every player in their eyes during the pre-game, in the locker room, on the field, at halftime.

They have to know that.

You have to be very aware.

PETER SCHRAGER: They were blown out last year in a color rush Thursday night against the Titans.

KYLE BRANDT: I remember.

PETER SCHRAGER: It went so poorly they got zero.

They didn't even get the color-- they didn't get-- KYLE BRANDT: Excommunicated.


You have zero primetime games.

KYLE BRANDT: You know what I'd say?

I'd say, let's come out 8 and 3 and have Commissioner Goodell flex us into primetime, which he can do.

That would be the goal.

NATE BURLESON: And what do we hear all the time?

KYLE BRANDT: I love when Goodell flexes.

KAY ADAMS: --conversation.

KYLE BRANDT: My favorite.

NATE BURLESON: And what do we hear all the time?

Perception is reality, right?

So if the perception is that the Browns and the Jags aren't worth a primetime game, then you have to tell the Browns and the Jags, as a player, that's the reality.

How do you change the reality?

Only you can change your reality.

And that's up to the players, up to the coaches.

It's up to them, not the schedule makers.


So they have to earn it.

But did the Chiefs earn it?


Regular season, they earned.

We-- we keep talking the postseason, they're-- PETER SCHRAGER: More than the Patriots?

NATE BURLESON: We're not talking about the postseason schedule.

KAY ADAMS: --more primetime than the Patriots, than the Packers, the Steelers.

They earned that?

NATE BURLESON: Well, I-- I'm glad I'm not the schedule maker so I don't have to defend them.

I will say this.

During the regular season-- KYLE BRANDT: It's-- if you were to pick the five most exciting regular season games last year, the Chiefs would have two of them, if not three.

Their games were electric.


KYLE BRANDT: And I sold this to start the show.

NATE BURLESON: And you mentioned five names-- KYLE BRANDT: Look past Alex Smith.

NATE BURLESON: You mentioned five names earlier, and-- and didn't even mention Travis Kelce, another guy who was electric.

KYLE BRANDT: And every time you put the Chiefs on, if they're at home, you get the Arrowhead atmosphere, it was electric.

It's great TV.

People like to tune in.

There's always a buzz for those games.

NATE BURLESON: And-- and regardless of who they play, they punch teams in the mouth.

PETER SCHRAGER: But it's a quarterback's league.

And if I'm getting home on a Sunday night, I want to see Dak.

I want to see Russell Wilson.

I want to see Aaron Rodgers.

I want to see Ben.

NATE BURLESON: Matt Ryan, yeah.

PETER SCHRAGER: I don't know if I'm banging down-- I don't know if I'm not watching the talking or Walking Dead and I'm watching Alex Smith in a game against the Broncos.

I don't know.