PM says worry about Oly performance later

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has told Australians they should enjoy the triumphs of their Olympic athletes now and examine the teams's overall performance later.

"What I want to be doing now, just as an Aussie let alone as prime minister, is cheering on the remarkable things our athletes are doing," she told ABC Radio on Wednesday, hours after cyclist Anna Meares and hurdler Sally Pearson won gold in London.

Both women had done Australia proud, Ms Gillard said.

"So let's share in that joy, share in the expectation of more fantastic performances to come," she said.

"There will be plenty of time afterwards to work through everything that people want to discuss in sport."

Ms Gillard said her government had provided record funding for sport and there would be plenty of time for discussion of the policy issues.

The Australian team has so far performed below the expectations of its officials, leading some of them to suggest there needs to be more government funding and a greater focus on sport in schools.

Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy said it was important that Australians were gracious when results didn't go their way.

Senator Lundy also rejected claims that reduced government funding had contributed to the shortage of gold, saying financial support was actually at a record level.

"The rest of the world have looked to Australia for inspiration through our AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) model," she told ABC Radio.

"The key ... is to make Australia the destination of choice for coaches, for world-class sports administrators and managers and of course by innovating and finding our next edge."

Senator Lundy acknowledged she had lost her bet with UK sports minister Hugh Robertson over which of the two nations would win the most gold in London.

The Australian minister now has to row the Eton Dorney course wearing UK colours.

Had Australian won more gold than Team GB, Mr Robertson would have had to dribble a hockey ball around Australia House in London wearing the Kookaburras' kit.