Usain Bolt wins gold in the 200m

Usain Bolt has achieved what no other athlete before him could do - win gold in both the 100m and 200m sprint in two consecutive Olympic Games.

Like in the 100m race on Sunday in London, the world stopped to witness history in the making as the six-foot-five Jamaican blitzed the 200m final, easily edging out compatriot Yohan Blake who took out the silver.

"It was good, I can't complain. He's the fastest man in the world," Blake told Channel Nine after the race.

Achieving the memorable feat in a time of 19.32, the moment was especially sweet for the small island nation where Bolt calls home, with Warren Weir winning bronze to ensure the podium was an all-Jamaican affair.

Ever the showman, after the win Bolt commandeered a photographer's camera and began taking photos of the media throng as well as Yohan Blake doing celebratory push-ups. After an extended victory lap soaking up the atmosphere in the arena, a grinning Bolt shared what winning the 'double, double' meant to him.

"I came here with one goal and that was to become a legend," he said.

"Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens, I wanted to be like them.

"Right now I'm just extremely happy. I've shown the world I am the best."

His victory means Bolt betters the record of legendary US runner Carl Lewis, who won three golds and one silver medal at the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.