Inquiry into Aussie condoms at athletes’ village

An Australian athlete’s photo of a bucket of condoms has caused a stir with London 2012 officials now investigating how they were smuggled in.

Aussie BMX cyclist Caroline Buchanan tweeted a photo from the athletes' village of a container of condoms with sign below.

It was an innocent tweet but it has since become surrounded in controversy because the condoms were made by Ansell, not the official supplier Durex.

Olympics organisers provided 150,000 Durex condoms to the 10,800 athletes.

An official spokesperson told local media an investigation is ongoing to determine who distributed the Kangaroo condoms.

"We will look into this and ask that they are not handed out to other athletes because Durex are our supplier," she said.

Organisers strongly control which brands are promoted within the Olympics precinct because of a number of sponsorship deals with companies like McDonald’s, Coca Cola and Heineken.

The trend of supplying athletes with condoms began in Barcelona during the 1992 Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee endorsed the move to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS prevention.