Kruger asks former BB host for tips

Big Brother host Sonia Kruger has been seeking the advice of Gretel Killeen about what to expect fronting the revamped show, which will premiere following the Olympics on the Nine Network.

Kruger defected from the Seven Network last year specifically to host Big Brother, and has a deal to do a second season.

In a synchronistic move, Killeen has been a regular guest on Mornings, which Kruger co-hosts with David Campbell.

That has given the reality show's new host the chance to discuss Big Brother with Killeen, who hosted it for seven of the eight seasons it was on Network Ten.

"Gretel was such a great host because she's very worldly, intelligent, wise and witty and she is a regular now on Mornings with David and I," Kruger told AAP.

"...which has been good because I have been able to talk to her about it."

There will be a few changes to the format. Viewers will be asked to vote to retain their favourite housemate, rather than to evict the person they dislike the most.

The Big Brother compound on the Gold Coast will also be different. The house has been re-designed and the pool is expected to contain a sunken lounge.

Kruger could easily have hosted the original Big Brother but declined an invitation to audition. Instead, she ended up co-hosting Dancing With The Stars on Seven.

Southern Star, which produced Big Brother in Australia, sought out Kruger a second time, triggering her move to Nine.

"It was fate when it (the chance to host Big Brother) came around the second time," Kruger said.

"I could either take the safe option and stay with Seven and Dancing With The Stars or put myself out on a bit of limb.

"I didn't want to look back in five years' time and regret what I didn't do."

Because Kruger will have to front the live eviction shows on Sunday nights, she will be absent on Mornings on Mondays while the reality show is on air.

She said she does not know who the housemates are - and does not want to know until the day before the first episode.

"I want to be surprised along with everybody else," Kruger said.

"I'm thinking I'll probably know the day before as I am up there then.

"I know with casting they have deliberately looked for intelligent, warm, interesting people."