Athlete admits swimmers pee in the pool

It's one of the worst fears of the average Joe at your local pool, but a former US swimmer has revealed almost every athlete does it.

Tinkling in the pool.

Former US swimmer Carly Geehr said it can be a wee little problem for athletes to keep their bladders clear before a meet or a training session.

"You always try to pee before you swim, but sometimes your body defies logic and finds a way to refill your bladder just to spite you," she was quoted as saying in Business Insider.

"Adrenaline and nerves wreak havoc on your system, and I knew tons of other swimmers that always, regardless of prior planning, had to pee right before a race."

She said the best time to let yourself go is during a breaststroke pullout, and revealed that even the colour of the pool deck can be a deciding factor.

"Just about the only time you can get away with peeing during a race is during a breaststroke pullout," Geehr said.

"You spend enough time gliding that if you really gotta go, you probably could. Otherwise, you're too tense and too, well, busy to even think about peeing."

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