South Sydney coach Michael Maguire is facing the prospect of a $10,000 fine after giving NRL referees both barrels following his side's dramatic 25-24 loss to Brisbane.

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Maguire blows up in press conference


VIDEO Maguire blows up in press conference. Vid: Fox Sports Maguire blows up in press conference

The normally controlled Maguire let fly after his side were on the wrong end of several contentious decisions including Anthony Milford's match-winning field goal in the 78th minute.

As he caught it, the Broncos five-eighth appeared to bobble the ball before snapping the decisive one-pointer, with Maguire labelling the decision to allow it as "ridiculous".

"Everyone else in this room - did they see that it was or it wasn't (a knock on)? Make a call because I don't want to get charged 10 grand," Maguire said.

"Could you explain that to all the Souths fans that continually turn up to our ground, that are passionate around our club.

Madge fires up. Pic: Fox Sports

"We're a building team, with young kids playing. I had Cam Murray go out there, who is a Souths junior, absolutely play a great game for us and have to sit in the changeroom and be disappointed because of things like that. Ridiculous."

On several occasions Maguire questioned the decisions made by on-field officials and video referees and his comments will come under scrutiny from Rugby League Central in coming days.

Last year Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson was slugged $40,000 while Canberra coach Ricky Stuart has been fined $125,000 over the course of his career for his outspoken remarks.

Maguire held his tongue on several occasions during an extraordinary press conference but made his feelings well known and flirted briefly with claiming his side had been robbed of the opportunity to win the game.

Milford's controversial attempt. Pic: Twitter/Getty

The Rabbitohs mentor took issue with Tautau Moga's 69th minute try, which levelled the scores after Milford was held up.

After the Souths defenders prevented Milford from getting over the line, the ball popped out the back of the ruck and Moga scooped it up to score.

Maguire argued that when Milford placed the ball on the ground, the tackle was complete and the play was dead.

He joked that the referees were playing by rugby union rules and smashed the video referees for allowing it.

"We're spending a lot of money areas in our games, we've got to get them right," Maguire said of the NRL's $2 million bunker.

"Those games change your season. Those two points are what every team is fighting for. We've got a multi-million system in place and everyone in this room saw it."


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