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Olympic flame makes it out of Greece without being pawned for Euros

(BBC News)

The Olympic flame is in the hands of Great Britain after a ceremonial handoff at Greece's Panathenaic Stadium, home of the first modern Olympics.

Princess Anne, who competed in the 1976 Olympics in equestrian, received the torch from the president of the Greek Olympic association, Spyros Capralos. Thus  ended a seven-day torch relay around Greece that was largely overshadowed by the nation's ongoing financial crisis.

The flame will board a special aircraft (below) on Friday to begin its 70-day journey around the United Kingdom. It will be contained in a special, covered lantern and have its own seat on the flight.


Princess Anne will take the lantern off the plane and light a torch to be carried by the first British torchbearer, David Beckham. From there, the flame will go on an 8,000-mile journey, culminating in the lighting of the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony on July 27.

The British royal, and Princess Anne, will be accompanied on the flight by Sebastian Coe and five youngsters from across the nation. They will arrive in the U.K. late Friday night.

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