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Stambolova stumbles at first hurdle

There are some Olympians with awkward names or even worse, those who live up to them.

Who could forget Misty Hyman from Sydney 2000, North Korea's Yoo Suk Kim, Canada's Kelsey Titmarsh or even our very own darling Lorraine Crapp?

Volleyballer Destinee Hooker, China's Dong Dong and Japan's Yoshie Takeshita are all gold medal names.

But perhaps the most apt to come out of the London Games so far is Vania Stambolova.

As Vania took her mark in the women's 400m hurdles, the Bulgarian was solely focused on making the finals.

Destiny took a different option with Stambolova stumbling over her first hurdle.

Getting up seemingly uninjured she then proceeded to walk off the track without finishing the race.

There is probably some irony in this result but more likely just really bad luck.

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