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No food for you!

Seven years of hype and planning and the Games are finally here - but Londoners are less than impressed if the hospitality industry is any indication.

There are certain expectations that come with London - late night pub fare among the most obvious but a late night run-in with a rude waitress has left us wondering if London wants to cash in on the Games.

Two tired reporters tried to grab a late night pub meal in swanky Mayfair and were greeted by a less than impressed waitress.

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With still five minutes to go until the kitchen closed she wasn't willing to trouble her cook for two last meals.

"Well what are you going to order?"

Pie was the response

"We're not going to cook you a ****** pie."

This a day after the same establishment dismissed the same pair minutes after ringing in last drinks.

The aggressive closing procedure is not isolated at this pub without fail it seems London has not seized the opportunity to extend hours.

The Olympic spirit seems strangely lacking with such early closing times - at least the tube has caught the Games bug by keeping most lines running very frequently until 2am.

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