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We’re here London, now why aren’t you open?

While talking to Australians in London for the Olympics there is one common theme — why are all the pubs shutting at 11pm?

It's the usual time for last drinks but with the Games well and truly underway the days of one gets a soothing ale after watching events are non-existent in most places.

It seems some can't be bothered or have missed out on the opportunity to extend opening hours in order to cash in on the millions of visitors to the Old Dart.

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School holidays and locals being encouraged to work from home where possible aren't helping either, according to owner of the Coach and Horses in Soho, Sharon Jenkin.

"The regulars have buggered off early, we get new people in and that's great, but we thought we were going to do double the business and it's not happening," she said.

"There's been a warning saying everyone should work from home if they can.

"Everyone says there's going to be such a big rush hour, in actual fact it's the opposite.

It's still daylight at 9.30pm, so what's with closing at 11pm during the Olympics?

Sharon said most of the pubs haven't bothered to apply for a relatively inexpensive late licence allowing them to stay open until 2am or 3am.

"I don't think anybody thought it was going to generate more custom," she said.

"But if people keep looking for a drink late I'll have to do it."

Maybe Australians are used to being able to get a good pub meal and a drink with relative ease.

Aussie expat Georgia from Finsbury Park said in Sydney there are always pubs and clubs open late.

"This is a problem London has every day of the week," she said.

"I thought allowances would be made for the Olympics."

Pub opening hours aside, Georgia said she's embracing the Games.

"All my friends are in town, it was really cool to see the road race and water polo," she said.

According to one hotelier John, who preferred to remain discreet about his employer, having the Olympics is challenging.

"People come to London anyway," he said.

"It's one of the most-visited cities in the world.

"I think some have been scared away expecting huge price tags and big crowds."

There are also some reports of poor ticket sales across the West End theatre district but it's not all grim in the entertainment industry.

Since the opening ceremony extravaganza, director Danny Boyle has seen a massive increase in sales of his movies.

Trainspotting sales have soared a whopping 5800 per cent and Slumdog Millionaire has jumped 900 per cent.

Rowan Atkinson's appearance has boosted Mr Bean's Movie Box Set sales by 300 per cent.

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