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  • A female athlete from Syria has been kicked out of the London Olympics after testing positive for a banned stimulant.

    The IOC, Saturday revealed 400m hurdler Ghfran Almouhamad's urine sample tested positive for the banned stimulant methylhexaneamine on August 3 two days before her race.

    Despite this, the hurdler finished eighth and last in her first round hurldles heat two days after the test was sample was taken.

    The substance methylhexaneamine is commonly used in nasal spray decongestant products - it's also come to the fore recently in New Zealand as one of the ingredients in the growing party pill industry.

    The drug is certainly a stimulant but performance enhancing? On current evidence that is still under question.

    Almouhamad, however, suffered a rapid judicial process having already being stripped of her accreditation and having her official Olympic result listed as disqualified.

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  • Much has been made of Usain Bolt's love of football and his desire to play for Manchester United but have you heard about Yohan Blake's love of cricket and his bid to play in the IPL?

    Easily an hour after completing his 200m silver medal run at the London Olympic stadium Blake meandered off the track and clearly sick of dissecting a 20 second race with a host of international journalists, made a beeline for the Indian contingent who hit him with a barrage of cricket related banter.

    Blake was only too happy to answer.

    "I want to show you that I am better at cricket than running," said Blake. "I am a really talented batsman."

    "I am a T20 batsman. You guys need to see me in action. I am a bowling machine that can bat all day. I have played some cricket... that's my love, that's my passion, every day I watch cricket."

    Blake made it clear to an enthralled audience he preferred cricket to the track.

    "When I was in growing up I watched cricket with my father. I have grown up to love the

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  • A Spice Girls reunion is set to headline the entertainment for the closing ceremony with rumours Adele and One Direction will also perform.

    Rumours around the return for the Spice Girls looks to be true after the '90s girl band was spotted rehearsing for Sunday's end to the London Olympics.

    The group - Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, Melanie Chisholm, and Geri Halliwell — is famous for hits like Wannabe, Say You'll Be There and 2 Become 1. All five members of the pop group were snapped holding microphones on top of traditional black London taxis.

    Others rumoured to perform are the Pet Shop Boys, Annie Lennox and George Michael.

    There are no such rumours around acts people might actually enjoy like a reprise from Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones or Coldplay.

    The closing ceremony director David Arnold said it would be based around 30 pieces of home-grown music.

    The musician, who has written for Bond movies, said it will be very British. It is also reported the

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  • The BBC, Olympics broadcaster in the UK, has replaced Australia on its medal table with Yorkshire.

    The success of triathlon brothers Alistair and Johnathan Brownlee, and golden girl of the Games heptathlete Jessica Ennis, has added to Yorkshire's tally, giving it more gold medals than most countries.

    The northern county is basking in the success of its stars with some mail boxes even being painted gold in the Ennis's hometown of Sheffield.

    More than 30,000 home fans voted the Ennis gold medal as their favourite moment in a Yahoo! Olympics poll.

    Almost 12,000 fans (32.5 per cent of those polled) voted for the Sheffield starlet's brilliant heptathlon win, whilst Andy Murray's men's singles tennis gold at Wimbledon took second place with just over 20 per cent of the votes.

    While at home the criticism has been aimed at our swimming team, in Britain, it's been aimed at the BBC.

    Despite a slow start to the Games, Team GB has wowed the home crowd, but the BBC is reportedly under fire from

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  • As a picture of Kobe Bryant and Stephanie Rice sitting next to each other at the Olympic velodrome made it's round on the web and set off whispers but the NBA superstar revealed a more innocent explanation.

    One of the Game's biggest stars, Bryant, has been spotted at a variety of venues around the Olympics including the volleyball at Earl's Court - but Kobe says it's just him soaking in the Games atmosphere.

     SLIDESHOW - Quirky Olympic Moments

    "I try to get out as much as I possibly can and go and see as many events as I can," Bryant said.

    "I've had the pleasure of meeting a lot of athletes. I try and interact with them and learn how they train, how they prepare and how they deal with pressure."

    "For me that's fun. That's the fun part about being at the Olympics. I really enjoy walking through the Olympic Park - I kind of end up in a speed walk right through but yesterday I got a chance to go see some events."

    "I saw Chris Hoy and I also got to see Victoria Pendleton and Anna Meares

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