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  • What the, Feck?

    German Olympian Stephan Feck exited the London Aquatics Centre pool red-faced and red-backed after a mistimed second dive that left onlookers shocked.

    Attempting a forward, three and a half somersault pike in the qualifying round of the men's three-metre springboard, the 22-year-old's execution was far from perfect.

    Feck slipped off the board and lost control of his let left leg, causing him to make make one too many rotations and enter the pool flat on his back.

    AAP The loud and painful splash was one rarely heard.

    The sport normally delivers immaculate dives as athletes endeavour to produce as little splash as possible on entry.

    After lifting himself out of the pool, Feck was consoled by German teammate Patrick Hausding as his score of zero was announced over the PA system. That's right, zero. Not one judge awarded him any points.

    Though three metres does not seem very far to bomb a dive from, the physically demanding sport does take its toll on the daredevils who participate.


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  • Swimmers relax in Grey area

    Members of the Australian female swim team have found an alternative way to 'relax' before bed – reading erotic fiction novel, Fifty Shades of Grey.

    Proving to be a real page-turner, the titillating best seller has taken the world by storm, even finding it’s way into the athlete’s village.

    Australia’s most successful swimmer at the Games so far, Alicia Coutts, says the book is helping the female contingent of the swim team unwind.

    [Fifty Shades of Grey: Read the first chapter]

    "Most of the swimming girls are reading Fifty Shades of Grey. We're all talking about it," Alicia Coutts told News Ltd.

    "I've found it really interesting. I can't put it down."

    Fellow swimmer Stephanie Rice also tweeted a picture of herself with the book in the lead-up to the Games.

    Stephanie Rice reading Fifty Shades of Grey

    “Have heard a mixed review on the book. What's ur opinion?? I'm just starting it #fiftyshades,” Rice told her Twitter followers.

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